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Plumbing is a very significant part of our house. But most of the times we tend to ignore it. And as a result of that, big disasters happen which leads us to lose a very huge amount of money and time. There are several times when we get signs about upcoming plumbing emergencies but that doesn’t catch our attraction. Today, we are going to have a precise discussion about the emergencies which can knock your door at any point of time. So, have some patience and keep on reading below.

What are some of the plumbing emergencies?

Before attacking with you with full vengeance, your plumbing system will give you some signs about it. But, being ignorant is infused in our brains. So, let us discuss about some of the plumbing disasters, which can come to you at any point of time and what signs they give.

  1. 1. Broken water lines– There are many reasons behind the breaking of water lines. The most noteworthy reasons are earthquake, tree roots and poorly aimed shovels. These affect the water lines and lead them to get broken. Now, what are the symptoms of broken water line? Here is a list of those.
  • Very low or poor water pressure.
  • Poor water qualities.
  • Soggy areas in your yard.
  1. Leaky washing machine hoses– The washing machines are adequately durable but most of the times, the hoses are very weak. So, if you find any leakages in your water hose pipe, do not ignore at any cost. Or else it will make a huge chaos by bursting, which you will regret later. Contact the professional plumbers as soon as possible and they will take care of the rest. Now let us discuss about some of the symptoms of leaky washing machine hoses.
  • Rusting, wearing or leakage in your hose.
  • Bulges, excessive wear and cracking of your hose pipe.
  • Kinks in your washing machine hose.
  1. Burst pipes– Sometimes, due to high water pressure, pipes tend to burst. For that, you may have to go through a complete pipe replacement which can be only done by the professionals. So, let us have a conversation about the signs of burst pipes.
  • Strange sound during the usage of water.
  • Watermarks in your walls.
  • Discoloration of the water.
  • A bad odor coming out from water.
  • Increased water bills.
  1. Clogged drain– Imagine, you are brushing your teeth or cleaning your plates and suddenly your sink stopped working. It will make you mad and irritated. Another irritating thing is slow draining from the sinks. And if the clogging becomes severe, then be ready to lose a handsome amount of money. Don’t let that happen and contact the professional plumbers as soon as possible. Here is a list of symptoms to check if your drains are clogged.
  • You will sense a very unpleasant smell.
  • Gurgling noise from drains, plugholes, pipes and toilet flushes.
  • The water in the toilets will either go higher or drops lower.
  • Water in your bath tub will either rise up or it will drain down the floor.

What should you do if any plumbing emergency happens to you?

Plumbing emergencies are very common these days. But, due to the lack of proper guidance most of the people don’t know how to handle the emergencies. It will be considered as a wise act if you know what to do during the times of emergencies. So, let us have a conversation about how to handle plumbing emergencies step-by-step.

  • Step one- Shut of the water immediately to avoid further water damage.
  • Step two- Move your furniture to a dry area as soon as possible to avoid water damage.
  • Step three- Unclog the drains immediately.
  • Step four- Eliminate the standing water fast.
  • Step five- Take pictures and notes of your water damage so that you can show it to your insurance company.

Many people are fed up of plumbing emergencies. So, if you are one of them, go through the above written article and be ready fight any emergency situation like a brave warrior.




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